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FISL (Foundation for Innovation & Strategic Leadership) was established on September 5, 2012 by the father of Dr. Isaias Ubana II. During that time, FISL started as a foundation with the aim of helping the community. Now it has grown into a Foundation which contributes continuously for the good of the community in its surrounding area.

Here are some of the programs of the Foundation: Education Assistance, Cultural Advocacy, Research Activities, Charity Assistance, Health and Social Amelioration, Environmental Protection and Sustainability, Awards & Recognition.

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Education Assistance

The Foundation conducts educational programs, projects, and activities including capacity development trainings & seminars.

Cultural Advocacy

FISL dedicates its efforts in undertaking and/or assisting research activities in  the fields of history, social systems, customs, and traditions.

Research Activities

In the interest of furthering knowledge to better address societal problems, FISL likewise undertakes and/or assists pure or basic applied and scientific research in the fields of policy formulation, education, law, health and the like.

Charity Assistance

The Foundation extends relief to the poor, distressed, unprivileged, those affected by natural disaster/calamities, and those fighting against community deterioration and criminality.

Health & Social Amelioration

FISL also undertakes and/or assists in the amelioration of the living conditions of distressed citizens particularly those who are handicapped by reasons of poverty, youth, etc.

Environmental Protection & Sustainability

In an effort to ensure environmental protection and sustainability the Foundation provides assistance in environmental sanitation through improving the public sewage system & providing sanitary public toilets to communities.

Awards & Recognition

In order to give due recognition for the further improvement of services, FISL extends recognitions and awards to individuals, national agencies, local government units, and groups/associations who have exhibited exemplary practices, innovations, and leadership in the aforementioned purposes.

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