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Education, Culture, and Research

Education Assistance

To conduct educational programs, projects, and activities including capacity development trainings and seminars; to provide financial assistance/scholarships in qualified basic or tertiary education and post-graduate courses; and to enter into agreements and undertakings with Colleges and Universities including those belonging to the program of Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency.

Cultural Advocacy

To undertake and/or assist in research activities on all aspects of history, social systems, customs, and traditions; to develop, enrich, and preserve Filipino Arts and Culture; to develop and promote the visual and performing arts; and to implement of programs, projects and activities with the goal of propagating Filipino culture and values.

Research Activities

To undertake and/ or assist pure or basic applied and scientific research in the field of policy formulation, education, law, health, agriculture, physical and natural sciences, innovation, legislation, public governance, law enforcement, fiscal regulation, illicit trade, local government, taxation, economics, and politics, which is publishable and relevant to public interest and awareness.

Charity, Health & Social Amelioration

Charity Assistance

To extend relief to the poor, distressed, and underprivileged, those affected by natural disasters/calamities, and those fighting against community deterioration and criminality.

Health and Social Amelioration

To undertake and/or assist in the amelioration of the living conditions of distressed citizens particularly those who are handicapped by reasons of poverty, youth, physical and mental disability, illness, old age, including assistance to cultural minorities; to provide services for underprivileged, homeless families and displaced workers; and pursue programs and projects for the reduction of child mortality, the improvement of maternal health, and youth & sports development.

Environmental Protection & Sustainability

To provide assistance in environmental sanitation, e.g. improving the public sewage system & providing sanitary public toilets; to ensure environmental protection & sustainability.

Awards and Recognition

To extend recognition and awards to individuals, national agencies, local government units and groups/associations who have exhibited exemplary practices, innovations and leadership in the aforementioned purposes.

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